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The terms and conditions set out below govern the use of the services offered by Sampradaa Pte Ltd in relation to the use of the website and the Gajiku application.

Users are advised to read carefully because it may affect the rights and obligations of the User under applicable law. By downloading, installing, using and/or enjoying our services on the Gajiku site and/or Platform, the User has read, understood, acknowledged, accepted and agreed to all the terms, conditions and all information contained in the Gajiku site and Platform. this.

These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement that contains the procedures and requirements for the site and the Gajiku Platform between you as a User and the manager of the Gajiku Platform, namely Sampradaa Pte Ltd

Terms of use and privacy policy may be updated, changed, deleted, or added to new terms and conditions unilaterally by Gajiku from time to time. Further use of the Gajiku Platform by Users will be considered as an agreement to comply with changes to these Terms and Conditions.


Gajiku is a technology-based service application platform that provides advanced payment facilities for Users. Gajiku is owned by Sampradaa Pte Ltd. The Gajiku platform is an Android and iOS version of the application under the name “Gajiku” and the site is located at To use the Gajiku Platform, an internet connection as well as an Android device is required, and all costs incurred for using the electronic device connection are the sole responsibility of the User.

Users are parties who use and/or enjoy Gajiku services, including but not limited to partner companies and employees. Gajiku has the right not to process the registration, limit, delay or stop the User from using the Gajiku Platform, if there are reasons that the User has violated the terms and conditions. as regulated in these User Terms and Conditions and/or applicable laws and regulations.

Terms and User is an agreement between the User and Gajiku which contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the User and Gajiku, as well as procedures for using the Gajiku service system.


Users who wish to access the platform and To use the Gajiku service, you must first register which is accompanied by the provision of information in the form of a cell phone number owned by the User. Companies that have collaborated with Gajiku can use the Gajiku service by getting online access to the Gajiku Platform dashboard to be able to see employees who have made early salary withdrawals.

After registering on the Gajiku Platform, the User will get a personal account at Gajiku which can be accessed with a One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to the User's mobile number that has been registered and verified by Gajiku. The password for the User account provided via One Time Password (OTP) must be kept confidential. Users can then register a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code for subsequent logins.

All changes to User data and information must be notified to Gajiku. Information related to personal data provided by the User to Gajiku will only be used to provide services on the Gajiku Platform and for other purposes as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions, the privacy policy that has been approved by the User and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. .

Users are also obliged to provide true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date information and attach all proof of identity and/or other evidence required for registration of the Gajiku Platform.

In every change of User's bank account information listed in the Gajiku Platform database, Gajiku will carry out double verification, the first is verification to the User's company and verification through a verified mobile number by sending a One Time Password (OTP).

The User is obliged to ensure that the name on the bank account matches the name given by the User's company to Gajiku. Any changes to bank account information will result in further verification tests and may delay processing time.

In the event that the disclosure of a password or User account has been compromised which may result in loss to the User due to unauthorized use (including hacking of the User's account), without authority and against the law on the User's account that occurs not because of Gajiku's fault, the salary withdrawal transaction services carried out through the Gajiku Platform are considered valid transactions, unless the User has notified Gajiku in advance of this matter.

Users are required to report to Gajiku parties in the event of misuse of User accounts on the Gajiku Platform, Users are responsible for any use of User accounts, even though the account has been misused by others. Users are not allowed to harm, manipulate, abuse or modify the Gajiku Platform in any way, and Gajiku has the right to stop, close, cancel and prohibit Users from using the Gajiku Platform for violating these User Terms and Conditions.

The user has agreed and understands that he will use the Gajiku Platform only for the purposes as intended in the service, and is not allowed to abuse or use the Gajiku Platform for activities that are against the law, including but not limited to embezzlement, fraud, terrorism financing, or criminal acts of laundering. money.

The User Company is obliged to periodically update employee data in a timely manner, for any changes in employee salaries, employee resignations, and/or additional employees through the Gajiku Platform. By providing personal data information to Gajiku, the User has understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of using the Gajiku Platform.


Gajiku is committed to making all reasonable efforts to keep this Gajiku Platform functioning properly, safely, comfortably and running smoothly according to its designation, however Gajiku cannot guarantee continuous access to the services we provide can always be perfect.

The User has agreed and acknowledges that the services provided by Gajiku to the User are AS IS and AS AVAILABLE in the sense that the Gajiku Platform User has agreed that the use of Gajiku services is at the User's own risk, and Gajiku cannot guarantee the following:

(i) Gajiku does not guarantee that the services provided will be free from errors and/or defects when operating in combination with other hardware, software, systems or data.

(ii) That the availability and reliability, as well as the supporting servers that provide the Gajiku Platform will be free from viruses and other harmful components.

(iii) That the quality of the products, features, and information available on the Gajiku Platform will meet the expectations and needs of the Users.

(iv) That the User acknowledges and agrees that the use of internet access does not always guarantee the security of personal data, and therefore any messages or information that Users send or use on the Gajiku Platform may be hacked or retrieved by irresponsible Third Parties.


The privacy policy as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions will explain how Gajiku manages, processes, obtains, collects, uses, discloses and processes, opens access to, and protects personal information and data that has been provided by the User at the time of registration for using Gajiku Platform.

Please note that personal data here is not included in personal data that is already available in the public domain. Gajiku Platform users need to read this privacy policy completely before registering and/or accessing Gajiku Platform services, because this privacy policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of using the Gajiku Platform.

By using the Gajiku Platform, the User is deemed to have read and agreed to the privacy policy and the use of personal data to be used for the purposes of providing services in accordance with this privacy policy.

Registration Information provided regarding personal identity that must be filled in by account users on the Gajiku Platform contains among others:

A. Full name in accordance with the valid identity card (Identity Card or Passport)

B. Mobile Number that will be used to send One Time Password (OTP)

C. Monthly base salary

User acknowledges and agrees that Gajiku can receive User information, including but not limited to GPS location/coordinates (If User activates this feature), internet protocol (ip) address (If User uses a browser), operating system, browser type, platform address . The User agrees that Gajiku will verify directly to the User, including the company where the employee works regarding the personal data that has been submitted by the employee as a User through the Gajiku Platform.

The user warrants that the information provided is true, accurate, and up-to-date. In the event that the information provided is incorrect, Gajiku is not responsible for any consequences that may arise in connection with the provision and use of such incorrect information.


The User hereby gives express consent to Gajiku to carry out any use of the User's personal data for business and operational activities as well as other necessary purposes in accordance with the purpose for which the Personal Data was provided, including but not limited to doing the following:

A. Gajiku stores the User's personal information as long as the information is provided. These are related to the purposes required for the benefit of the Salaryku service.

B. Confidentiality of personal information that the User provides will not be disseminated unless it has been agreed by the User based on the privacy policy in the Terms and Conditions of the User. or required by applicable laws and regulations.

C. That by using the Gajiku Platform, the User agrees and allows certain third parties to be able to use the User's personal data needed in connection with Gajiku services,including but not limited to:

 (i) Information technology (IT) related service providers such as infrastructure services, cloud computing (cloud computing), software, development of “Big Data” and “Machine Learning” analysis, including services to perform “Data Cleansing”, “Data Insight”, “Credit Scoring” and others.

 (ii) The service provider of payment transaction processing for the transfer of funds from the Gajiku Party to the User.

 (iii) Government agencies or institutions (if required).

 (iv) Other Parties as long as it is carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Security Efforts Gajiku is always committed to providing the best service by ensuring that the information that Users provide to Gajiku is safe and cannot be used by irresponsible parties.

By using the Gajiku Platform, Users allow Gajiku to be able to take all security measures deemed necessary to protect User information. However, Gajiku cannot fully guarantee this and is not responsible for any loss, loss of data that occurs from incidents beyond Gajiku's control.

Therefore, Gajiku strongly recommends that Users maintain the confidentiality of their passwords and/or not provide access to the use of the Gajiku Platform to any party and always update the Gajiku Platform. The user hereby gives his consent to Gajiku to be able to send, store, use and process personal data on a server that has been determined by Gajiku. The server can be managed by Gajiku in collaboration with other third parties.

Nevertheless, Gajiku Party will regulate the use and utilization of such personal information and data based on this privacy policy in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.


Gajiku is a technology-based platform that offers facilities for User employees to earn salaries that have been generated before the time of payment of salaries that have been set by the User's company provided that the amount the salary that can be withdrawn by the User is at 50% max limit for the employee Salary.

By using the Gajiku Platform service, Users can make salary withdrawals anytime and anywhere without having to wait for the salary payment that has been set by the User's company. User's employees have acknowledged and agreed that User's company will deduct the salary that will be received by User's employees during the payroll period against the initial salary withdrawal made by User's employees through the Gajiku Platform.

User's employee has agreed and permitted User's company to make salary deductions during the period of payment of User's salary for early salary withdrawals made by User's employees. In accordance with Gajiku's operational standards, the process of disbursing funds only requires a maximum of 1 x 24 hour from the request for disbursement of salaries from the User's employees.

By making a salary withdrawal through the Gajiku Platform, the User's employees have agreed to be charged a transaction fee set by Gajiku for the amount of advance salary withdrawal. If the User's employee does not agree with the amount of the transaction fee charged, the User's employee is obliged to stop using the Gajiku Platform service.

Gajiku will issue a report to the User's company and/or the User's employees in connection with the salary withdrawal made by the employee, which includes details of the advance salary withdrawal made by the User's employee.


Gajiku will not charge any fees and/or interest except transaction fees to User employees for any advance salary withdrawals made by User employees.

Transaction fees here are fees charged to User employees of 3% (three percent) of the total amount of salary taken upfront for the purpose of maintaining the system and improving Gajiku services. Example: Salary Withdraw $100 (One Hundred Dollar) minus 3% transaction fee, (three percent) then the Salary to be received by User's employees is $ 97 (Ninety Seven Dollar).

The transaction fee charged by Gajiku is fixed, regardless of the salary that is withdrawn in advance by the User's employees. Gajiku reserves the right at any time without prior notice to make changes to the transaction fees contained in these Terms and Conditions.

By using the Gajiku Platform, the User is deemed to understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions for the applicable transaction fees.


In providing services, Gajiku will exercise caution, however, Gajiku is not responsible for any actions taken by Users in connection with the use of Gajiku services which are carried out in bad faith, intentional errors, User negligence.


Users can make complaints and notifications through the Gajiku Platform by filling out the form in the application or can be sent via electronic mail (e-mail) at, since it is known that there are suspicious actions outside of the activities carried out by Users on the Gajiku Platform.

Gajiku will immediately process the complaint or notification within 3 (three) days after the complaint is received by Gajiku and will immediately confirm to the User. In the event that there is a fraudulent claim in connection with the disbursement of the User's salary, Gajiku will investigate the claim based on the standard operating procedures that apply internally to Gajiku.

Gajiku will act with care and diligence and use the same skills and care in providing services, but will not be responsible for any claims or losses arising from any actions taken by Users in the implementation of Gajiku services proven to be in bad, willful misconduct, gross negligence or reckless neglect of these User Terms and Conditions.

Gajiku is not responsible for fraudulent claims submitted by Users as a result of their own negligence by not maintaining the security of the User's account which results in unauthorized use.

The User hereby disclaims Gajiku's responsibility for compensation for any claims caused by the User's negligence.


All taxes that may arise in connection with the use of the Gajiku Platform services must be borne by each party in connection with the applicable laws and regulations.


Gajiku is the sole owner of the name, icon, and logo, as well as all intellectual property rights related to the site, system, and interface, all of which are copyrights and trademarks protected by statutory provisions. invitation.

Users are strictly prohibited without Gajiku's written consent from using, modifying or posting such names, icons, logos or marks.

All intellectual property rights contained in the Gajiku Platform, including but not limited to the platform source code, are strictly prohibited from modifying, derivative works, adapting, duplicating, copying, selling, remaking, hacking, selling, and/or exploiting the Gajiku Platform, the use of the Gajiku Platform for unauthorized access, launching automatic programs or scripts, or any program that may hinder the operation and/or performance of the Gajiku Platform, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigation structure or presentation of the Gajiku Platform or its contents.

Users are only allowed to use the Gajiku Platform for personal, non-commercial, non-transferable and non-sub-licensable purposes.

Gajiku has the full right to take all legal actions against Users against any violation of Intellectual Property Rights related to the Gajiku Platform.


All notices or requests for information to and/or about the Gajiku Platform will be processed & can be sent via electronic mail (e-mail) at

Any notification given by Gajiku will be deemed to have been received by the User, if:

 A. Gajiku Party can show that the notification, either physically or electronically has been sent to the User; or

 B. Gajiku Party has made the notification on the Gajiku Platform which can be accessed by the public without incurring any fees.


All disputes and differences of opinion that may arise in the implementation of these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by deliberation, and if a problem arises that cannot be resolved amicably, within 30 (thirty) days after the occurrence of the dispute, the complaint dispute Users must first be resolved through the forum with Gajiku.

In the event that the settlement of the User's complaint is not reached after 30 (thirty) days, the User and Gajiku agree to resolve the dispute through Indonesia District Court.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed and implemented based on the laws in force in Indonesia.


Gajiku will not be responsible for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, if the delay or failure is caused by events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to fire events, natural disasters (such as earthquakes and earthquakes). , floods, hurricanes, lightning), mass strikes, riots, wars, server damage, changes to laws and regulations, and conditions in the economic and financial fields, damage to the transaction system on the Gajiku Platform, as well as disruption of the transaction settlement system on Gajiku Platform.


Gajiku without prior notification has the right to take the necessary actions, if fraud/manipulation, money laundering or violations are found by the User and any violations committed by the User will be processed based on the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.

Gajiku has the right to investigate and claim Gajiku's rights for any violation of this Terms and Conditions agreement to the extent permitted and permitted by applicable law in Indonesia.

The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that Gajiku has the right to monitor any access to the use of the Gajiku Platform, to ensure that the User complies with these Terms and Conditions of Use, and complies with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia. These Terms and Conditions are made in English. Hereby, the Gajiku Platform User represents and warrants that all information provided by the User to Gajiku Platform is true and accurate, in the event that the User submits incorrect information, Gajiku has the right to terminate, close the User's access to the Gajiku Platform, close and/or cancel User accounts in the Gajiku Platform. Gajiku reserves all rights not expressly granted here. Gajiku may change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on the Gajiku Platform.

The use of the Gajiku Platform by the User after the change is announced is considered as the User's acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions. In the event that the User does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not access, browse or use the Gajiku Platform. These Terms and Conditions were last Last modified: 02 Nov 2022